Review: Blood Bonds by Kerry A. Campbell


Blood BondsLily Myers is living an ordinary life until she meets Quinn Carter. When Quinn turns out to be a century-old vampire, Lily is thrust into a reality where she’s an unwilling believer. But as her fear fades and her curiosity wins out, she finds herself falling for Quinn and learning more about this new world. From hunting down a vampire killer to meeting werewolves, Lily’s life has definitely taken a turn…but whether it’s for the worse or better, she’s still finding out.


A Paranormal Romance for Vampire Lovers

Lily is a lab tech with insomnia. Because of her late night walks in the town that she knows so well, she finds herself intertwined in the dark, hidden world of vampires and werewolves.

After she meets the mysterious, drop dead gorgeous Quinn in a dark alley, her life is changed forever. And, after a series of unusual events, Lily finds herself bonded to him for life.

The characters are awesome and relatable–people that you might meet any day on the street. Dimitri is all about appearances and wears nothing but the best designer clothing; Eric is a laid back, beer slugging, always hungry alpha werewolf.

Blood Bonds is Kerry’s first solo novel. Her writing style mixes the darkness of blood and vampires with a touch of light-heartedness and a twist of sarcasm on the side.

I’ve posted some excerpts from Blood Bonds in my Friday post. If you’d like to have a read, check it out here.

Blood Bonds is on sale now at | | Kobo | Barnes and Noble |

You can follow Kerry’s blog here at The Geeky Book Lady

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