ROW80 Week 2


Monday wasn’t a too bad day for writing. I normally do my writing in the morning, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

Instead, Monday was a day for having lunch with the girls. It was so nice to get caught up with friends after the holidays! And they were writer friends, my inspiration! So that totally justifies it, right?

It was later in the evening when I got 460 words edited. I was happy with that, though I seemed to have added an incredible amount more story to the memory being recalled by the main character. I might be off on a tangent but I will go with it for now and cut it later if I have to.

Tuesday, I’ve edited 544 words and still going strong on the memory…only it’s way better. I think. We’ll see!

Painting:  I found a pack of small canvasses in my studio, around 5 x 5 inches. What to paint, though? I don’t normally work on landscapes, but I thought I’d do a painting from a picture that I took on my daily walk. If you’d like to see the original photo, it’s here, second one down.

Winter Reflections

I’m not really happy with the way the reflected trees on the right hand side look. They’re more like sticks than trees. Aaaand I might have overworked it a bit but overall I was reasonably happy with it. I might try to do something about the trees. I’m getting comments from family that the painting looks upside  down. Hmmmm….


Yoga: Oh, I so did not want to go to yoga tonight. I was tired. It was busy, my son wanted to visit my mother. It was so tempting to skip it. But, I did not! I went to yoga and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m so glad I went! Yay!


So that’s my update for this week! Did you have goals? 

Thanks so much for stopping by,




21 Replies to “ROW80 Week 2”

  1. Lunch with writer friends totally counts
    I have been blogging (wrote one post and scheduled another), got my office cleaned and organized plus have been keeping up with my gratitude journal ☺


    1. That’s awesome, my writer friend! lol It was great seeing you today 🙂

      A clean and organized office means you have the perfect space to get writing done, right? Keep it up, I love reading your blog posts! Gratitude journal is a great idea, too 🙂


  2. I love the painting, my friend! It’s lovely! You got so much accomplished and wonderful job on your book…I’m so proud of all you’re doing! Mon was my 1st full day back to work, so it’s a bit of chaos at the moment! I’m trying to breathe and relax, so I don’t start to panic. All will be well, I keep telling myself, lol! It’s crazy every semester…but you know that from last fall when I told you, and this semester seems to be the same! It will calm down after a week or 2, thank goodness! Talk soon! ❤ Back to work, ugh!


    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie!!! So wonderful to hear from you! I have no doubt you’ve been on a whirlwind schedule.

      Yes, breathe and relax. You got this! I know you do! 🙂 ❤ You are amazing. I hope you a feeling better and you’re rested.

      Hugs! ❤ 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! Yes, unfortunately, but it’s a familiar routine even if a crazy one! And thanks! I’ll just be ready for it to calm down. I think it’s just wild when we all go back to work/school at the same time.

        I’m feeling better than I was, and I’m being really good about sleeping 8 hrs a night! But good grief, Kayley has only been back at school a few days and is already hacking her lungs out, congested, etc! I swear she needs to be in a bubble. I even bought her her own school supplies to use so she wouldn’t be sharing pencils, scissors, etc in case there is a strep carrier in the room and so I can sanitize them every afternoon. I think they need to bleach her classroom or Lysol it. Something! She has never been this sick before, and it’s driving us nuts. Since I’m on daily prednisone now, my immune system is especially lowered, and I’ll catch whatever she brings home… 😦 I really don’t want to be sick the rest of the winter! And poor Kayley, I don’t want her to be sick either…she’s been on 3 antibiotics as it is and been miserable. Summer sounds good about now! I hope you’re well! ❤


      2. Oh…Stephanie! I’m glad you are better, and glad you are getting your sleep! That’s awesome!

        Poor Kayley, it’s like her immune system just can’t keep up with all the challenges. Good idea on the school supplies, though! Lots of handwashing, fresh fruits and veggies helps, too.

        I’m with you…so looking forward to summer. And its only January!


      3. Well, better is a relative term, I guess LOL! I’m not having daily headaches and blurry vision like I was back in Oct, and I’m over strep, so that is something. And I’m not so tired all the time. But the meds make me feel so yucky. The steroids make my anxiety go in to overdrive, so that’s been an adjustment. I have always hated steroids, so I’ve never liked taking them. And I’ve gained over 20lbs on them even with changing my diet to all organic, lower fat foods, no gluten (ugh), veggies, fruits, etc. Just a side effect they said-yay!

        There are 30 kids in Kayley’s class this year, which is just utterly ridiculous! Her pediatrician flipped out. She said it’s no wonder she is staying sick with that many kids in a small class…like sardines in a can. They are doing “co-teaching” in her room-2 2nd grade teachers and all those kids. We are not happy about it at all, but I can’t do anything about it right now since she has such anxiety. If I tried to switch her to a class with 15 kids, she’d flip out. She barely wants to go now…still… 😦 Being sick hasn’t helped as sick as she has been and out. My poor kid! I keep telling her to wash her hands, and I’m lysoling every thing she owns when she walks in the door LOL. I don’t know what else to do besides what you said-fruits and veggies. I’ll have to go to Whole Foods and see if there is some homeopathic thing I can give her to boost her immune system. I think elderberry syrup does? She’s been on steroids 2x too because she had bronchitis and was wheezing so badly, so I think that might have lowered her immune system plus the antibiotics.

        It was 72 degrees here today, lol. Almost summer weather! But it will be 40 degrees! The temp swings don’t help either! It will be summer before we know it, and then we’ll be wishing for fall hahaha!!


      4. OMG…elderberry syrup! That is amazing. Expensive but it helped Ethan so much when he had a persistent cough. Probiotics too maybe? I think I’d quit the lysol though. It’s pretty toxic and might be doing more harm than good. I just use vinegar…but if you feel that’s not enough bleach might be a better option?

        Anxiety…have you ever tried Rescue Remedy? It’s a Bach’s flower remedy (?homeopathic) that a friend of mind swears by. I’ve tried it, it helped but it might have had a placebo effect, not really sure!

        Okay, I have to go to bed now! Chat soon!


      5. Yes! I knew it was helpful! I swear I took some myself years ago when I had a flu outbreak in my classroom! She takes probiotics already and downs yogurt and kefir like a mad person, lol. I think I need to buy a dairy farm! Hmm, I do clean with all organic products or with just vinegar and baking soda, but her pediatrician is the one who said wipe down everything she came in contact with bleach or alcohol and Lysol her backpack every day since it’s been in the classroom and the bus since she’s convinced there is a strep carrier in her classroom. Do you think I could just toss her backpack and her coat in the dryer on sanitize for 30 minutes and it kill all the germs instead? I do buy the wipes that are like the Clorox wipes but are made by Seventh Generation that kill 99% of germs; I could use them to wipe down her binder, pencils, etc instead of bleach although I’m not sure it kills strep and flu viruses like bleach does, which was the goal. I spray it and let it air dry all night before she gets it back, so I hope that means the bleach has evaporated. I know that’s how the Health Dept makes them sanitize toys in the daycare centers since I used to teach in a preK room back when I was still an undergrad, and they were still doing that when Kayley was in preschool (oddly she was barely sick in preschool were things were sanitized daily but has always been sick since attending public school were they apparently have no disinfecting policy for the classroom! yuck!).

        No, I’ve not tried Bach’s for her but used to give it Branna, my dog that passed away in November. She was so anxious and the vet recommended it. It worked, so I might try it with Kayley. I’ve given her L-theanine, and that has seemed to help to relax her. I swear I’m just going to homeschool her next year, which I’ve been saying since kindergarten! She’d learn so much more, be less sick, and they are not letting her learn what she wants to because they are following the Common Core curriculum, which is really aggravating me since I think it’s crap. I have so many students who went through school on just Common Core, and they have no critical thinking skills at all…it’s ridiculous. Talk soon! I should go throw dinner together!!


      6. Stephanie, it sounds like you are doing everything right! You are doing your best for her, you are an amazing mom!

        I know what you’re saying about home-schooling. I’ve often considered it as well. There are definite pros and cons to both. My son had so much anxiety about school, but he is doing so much better now, which is a huge relief. Having friends in his class this year has really helped.

        Take care, Stephanie! chat soon! 🙂 ❤


      7. Aww, thanks Jo-Ann! 🙂 ❤

        There definitely are to both. We live in the best school district in the state, so that’s a plus, but I just have such a distaste of Common Core methods since I’ve seen the change in the students who graduated before it was implemented to after. It’s really huge. They have such a lack of common sense and critical thinking skills. Her anxiety is one reason, but I’m mainly opposed to the curriculum and all the testing they do. They’re kids, so let them be kids. I was private schooled, so I’ve always found the public school system to be odd and have had issues with it. I’m hoping she will outgrow the anxiety about school, but who knows. I never did-I still had it last semester, lol. She has wonderful friends and has no problems making them since she’s a social butterfly (she actually gets in trouble for talking and playing around too much). She just doesn’t like her teachers, the way they are, and being away from me. She does so much better one on one, so we’ll see. We may just send her to a private school with smaller class sizes. That is another issue too…30 kids like I said, ugh! She’s not getting any attention or anything, and that is not what she needs. We’ll see…at least I have until July or so to decide.

        Hugs! Take care!<3 🙂


      8. 30 kids, that’s a lot! Ethan has the same amount in his class, too. It’s tough! Don’t get me started on the lack of support the school system has for special needs students that are integrated in the classroom. Not fair for the any of the students or the teachers. The curriculum is the least of our worries!

        I’m not sure what common core is, but definitely I see a huge difference in the way my two sons were/are taught.
        There is 7 years between them and I feel so out of touch with Ethan’s schoolwork! No homework, poor communication and really weird math!

        That is crazy that you can see the difference in common core students. There is something seriously wrong there! Not good!

        What does Kayley think of private school? Sounds like it might be a good move for her.

        Hope you have an amazing and relaxing weekend! 🙂 ❤


  3. Sounds like your week was delightfully balanced! Friendship, art, words… I think you may be right, both about the tangent and about keeping it until later. It’s easier to trim than add in the editing process for one. Also… who knows what interesting ideas your characters might reveal if you give them free reign to speak?


  4. Love that balance of writing, art-making, and yoga that begins your week.That painting is inspirational and would make my week all by itself. I wouldn’t worry about those stick-like trees. They add texture. Not everyone can paint water so well. Good steady progress on the writing/editing. May the rest of the week bring such joy!


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