Writing, Painting and Yoga: ROW80 Update Round 1 Sunday

ROW80Here’s my second update for ROW80! For those who have never heard of this, ROW80 stands for Round Of Words in 80 days. There are 4 rounds in the year, each running 80 days. There are twice weekly check-ins, on Wednesday and Sunday. The idea is to set out your goals of what you want to achieve during the 80 days, whether it is writing, personal goals, it can be anything as long as it’s measurable. You write it up on your blog twice weekly and cheer each other on.

I listed my goals on this post here, just in case you’re interested in checking them out.

Novel: As far as novel writing goes, I did fall short on finishing the editing on the chapter I was working on. I had planned on working on it on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but I’m too easily distracted apparently and/or I need more days to get the editing done. That being said, I did get 450 words edited on Monday, 750 on Tuesday and another 500 on Wednesday. I’m not going to complain about that.

Short Stories: In order to achieve my goal of writing three short stories this year, I set aside Thursday and Friday for that venture. I did some outlining on Thursday, and got in 480 words on Friday. Again, distraction got to me. I couldn’t stand seeing the Christmas tree, bare and naked in the corner. I had to put it away. Then I had to clean up the broken glass from a smashed ornament and by the time I was done I needed a nap. Does it sound like I’m making excuses?

Painting: I had decided that Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons would work well for painting. Monday was New Years day. That didn’t happen. Wednesday…I painted! Yes! I actually finished a painting that had been hanging on my wall half finished for the past year or so:

Unfinished painting
See the red leaves on the right? They aren’t supposed to be red. Need to finish this!

I spent Wednesday afternoon working on this and it’s finally finished! Here is the final product:

The red is gone and there are a few more leaves. It looks darker here than the original painting.

I was hoping to get some painting in on Friday but it didn’t happen. I took a much needed nap.

YogaYoga: I did it! I renewed my YMCA membership and went to a yoga class and it was amazingly relaxing.  All that stretching and deep breathing felt incredible. My muscles were sore for days after, which tells me I had a good (much needed!) workout too. I had planned to go to class on Thursday, but a major snow/windstorm got in the way of that. It just wasn’t safe to venture out. I got some exercise on Friday morning getting the driveway cleared of heavy, wet snow before the temperature dropped below freezing.



16 Replies to “Writing, Painting and Yoga: ROW80 Update Round 1 Sunday”

  1. Can I drool over those lovely leaves? Ooh! I really must start exploring painting a bit more too. What is your paint of choice?

    (Not to detract from the cool progress you made on your writing goals… I don’t think the tree was so much a distraction but “left undone thing that needed dealing with” that you dealt with. 🙂 )


    1. Thank you so much Eden! Drooling is a true compliment! lol

      They are painted in acrylic. Watercolour was always my go-to choice of paint, and switching over to an opaque medium like acrylic has been a challenge for me. All my paintings tend to be darker than I had intended!

      Yeah, I’m glad it’s done and dealt with! Ha! Now to decide what I’m going to work on next week 🙂


      1. I like the darker texture. Watercolors never feel as vibrant to me as I feel they should (I know that’s not really the case, just how the artists I see using them tend to paint). Do you ever use oils? My biggest issue with acrylics is how they dry then smear if I need to add color… though I’ve heard oils can smear far more.


  2. The painting is so pretty! I love the idea of ROW80– I’m not a big fan of yearly goals/resolutions, I prefer smaller more immediate goals. I like the idea of check-ins to help with accountability.


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