Procrastination and Mental Health

Struggling with procrastination?

I scoured the internet looking for articles on procrastination and why we do it and these were some of the top reasons that I found:


Fear of Failure


Small Tasks are Easier(tend to do these instead of a bigger task)

Lack of Motivation

Don’t know how to get started

Low Energy Level

I think in the last 3 weeks I’ve struggled with every single one of these! 

I was doing okay until a series of stressful events left me mentally and physically  stymied, I felt unable to move and go forward with life. Fatigue and pain…Yes! physical aches and pains, took over my body.

It was frustrating and hard to understand. How could this happen. I’m not that old!

I spent my days reading, and resting. I worked on writing my novel at least every day, even if it was only a few paragraphs that got written.

My husband took over making meals and grocery shopping. My son helped with vacuuming.

I was able to do small tasks, like laundry and tidying up.

I read my emails and the blogs I follow. I even tried to comment on them all but at times it was just too much. I would find myself unable to focus and overwhelmed with fatigue.

Blogging? That just didn’t happen.

Lack of energy and focus, perfectionism (because it has to be interesting and worthwhile reading!), blogging a post just seemed to be too colossal a task.


Despite all my best intentions, could not bring myself to write a single post. 

My Daily Walks, where I post photos that I take on my walk have been put on hold, I didn’t have the motivation, the energy to do it. And, I thought, nobody is really interested in it anyway. That’s depression talking. I know this. I really do.

I enjoy doing the Friday Posts where I share an excerpt from a book. But I couldn’t seem to decide which book to do. Indecision. For three weeks in a row.  The days snuck up on me, too! By the time I realized what day it was, it was, I felt, too late to even bother. I’ll just do it next week, I’d think. Friday Post fail.

Tips for when procrastination takes over:

  • Make a list of what needs to be done. It is very satisfying scratching things off when you complete them
  • Break the task into smaller chunks. Set small goals and do little bits at a time. You might even want to keep going and do more!
  • Understand that failure is okay. Most mistakes can be fixed and it’s better to try than not do it at all.
  • Just do your best. Nothing is ever perfect.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, unprocessed foods, get enough sleep and at least 30 minutes of light exercise daily.
  • Set goals that are attainable.
  • Forgive yourself.

Here are some great articles that I found that might help if you are dealing with procrastination of suffering from depression and anxiety:

Six Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Related Procrastination

Four Main Causes of Procrastination Revealed

The Six Best Ways to Beat Anxiety

Four Things Not to do When Feeling Anxious

11 Ways to Overcome Procrastination





21 Replies to “Procrastination and Mental Health”

    1. Thank you sweetie ❤ Doing much better the last couple of days, thank goodness! I’m very thankful for supportive and very understanding family and friends.

      It felt so good to hit that Publish button and finally post something!


  1. I’m with you my dear! I’ve procrastinated from emailing you back because my anxiety has gone in uber mode and my pain flares too! I’ve written you half an email to tell you this and more since i feel like I’m drowning and completely overwhelmed, but every time I go to finish it I’m exhausted from school work and grading crap. I only posted a book review today because it was a review copy, or I would have bailed. And that took me 7 hrs to write! But I’m so glad to see your post!! And that you are doing better even a bit!! I think we need to plan a time to DM or something to talk and catch up!! I miss you ❤


    1. Oh Stephanie, I totally get that you are full out crazy busy, and I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling the best 😦 It’s not easy to be going at that pace especially when you have fibro and other issues thrown in there! I hope things become more manageable soon.

      Please don’t worry about the email! Oh my gosh, Staying in touch should not be painful! lol I’m always here! ❤ Message me anytime! And yes, we should plan a DM session and catch up! I miss you too! ❤

      I was feeling guilty about not posting but I just didn’t have it in me…I had no idea where to start or what i wanted to post about. Everything was such a huge effort. Glad to be back to relative normalness!


      1. I know you get it! I just have missed and wanted to talk to you 🙂 And it’s not been painful lol! I just haven’t been motivated to email anyone after writing all day for classes or work. It’s just exhausting even without fibro. So many classmates are exhausted and they are in their 20s! I’m the only one in the class who is 40 and working f/t! Most are grad students just starting as teaching assistants and that is only several hours a week, and they are moaning…I’m like, really?? Just you wait until you are putting in 40 hrs of teaching time a week PLUS lesson plans and grading HAHAHA!

        Everything was a huge effort for me last week. I missed a book review for a publisher copy that was released on the 5th, and I have never done that. I feel guilty but don’t. I will do it and email them that I was sick.

        Don’t feel guilty about not posting! Mental health and physical is priority…lol, I’m preaching to the choir! But it does. Am so glad you are mostly back to normal!

        I will message you just to message you soon, lol. Or vice versa! I think I was overwhelmed with all I wanted to tell you LOL. And a DM session sounds excellent! Now I have to go watch a 4 1/2 hr documentary on some stupidity from a professor who is an absolute idiot! OMG! He truly is! I want to teach the class to myself; I kid you not he is an ass and an idiot. He and I know each other as colleagues, and he is snippy that I’m in his class. The 1st week of class he had nothing together…no lessons, no syllabus, no working email. I was like wth, and then he assigned a ton of work to be due in 3 days. He is what is driving me mad! Every day I have a new story to tell Eric starting with, “do you know what that jackass did now??” and he knows who I mean, lol! That is sad, so sad!! Anyway, off to see what weirdness he is subjecting me to…;)

        Talk to you soon ❤ ❤


  2. Good post! I’ve definitely felt most of those before. For me, breaking the tasks down and making a list have been the most effective ways of snapping out of procastrination. Also, sometimes I’ve set myself a timer, e.g. 1 hour, and during that hour I didn’t allow myslef to get distracted, but as soon as it rang, I gave myself a break. This really helped, too.

    Kathrin —


  3. Thanks for the share Jo-Ann. I can definitely relate especially when everything is happening back to back to back. Energy levels are definitely in the low zone. I hope you are doing much better now and continue to get better 🙂


  4. Gosh, this was exactly what I needed to read today! This is exactly the way I have been feeling this week, and have been struggling a lot to get things done. The tips are really helpful, and it is also really reassuring knowing we are not alone in feeling this way sometimes. Thank you so much for writing it.


  5. I can really relate to what you are saying. I have had a pretty tough week as well, depression sneaks up when you don’t expect it. Usually exercise will pull me through but irregular sleep and lack of appetite are tough to power through and without those, exercise is hard to accomplish. I am just now starting to balance out. Hang in there! We are all pulling for you 🙂


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