So Versatile!

Thank you so much to Caterpillars 2 Butterflies for nominating me for this award!  She has an incredibly inspirational blog, if you have’t already had a look at her blog, please do so now. She’s a beautiful soul and will change the way to look at life.


1.) Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
2.) Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
3.) Also inform them about their nomination.
4.) Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

Well, here’s 7 things about me:

1. I love to write.  I do enough rewrites that I think I am actually getting better at it.

2. I’ve been working on the same novel for about 5 years. I have 2 other novels I have written as well, all in the first draft phase with multiple rewrites.

3.  I painted with watercolour for years and several years ago switched to acrylic for a change. It is very different and challenging for me!

Here’s a watercolour I did years ago.

4. I am obsessed with the legend of King Arthur.

5. My favourite colour is teal/turquoise but its been changing to purple lately.


6. I  struggle with anxiety and depression.

7. I’m doing the Atkins diet right now. It’s going well, but I swear, it won’t be long before I will never want to see another egg for breakfast again.


My Nominations:

  1. The Geeky Book Lady
  2. FrogDiva Thoughts
  3. DoniW
  4. Robbie’s Inspiration
  5. Unfolding from the Fog
  6. Being Lydia
  7. Plants and Beyond



49 Replies to “So Versatile!”

    1. Good! Thanks for asking! I haven’t been posting much because I just needed to make some novel writing headway. I’m glad I did, I feel good about what I have so far, but I’m not near as progressed as you with Father Figure!

      Trying to get caught up on tags and awards now. I’m a little (actually, a lot!) behind!

      How are you doing? 🙂


      1. I am doing well. Just stopped following you and started again. I’m just not getting your posts in the Reader, so I worry I miss things!

        I will have very good news tomorrow with “Glass Shatters.” And “Father Figure” is plugging along. But it’s draining me emotionally given the topics I am including, so I have no energy to read at night!

        Tags / Awards! I have 8 or 9 in the queue, but unfortunately, too many other priorities like you!


      2. Thank you! It’s not been easy. I told Nel over the weekend as she was reading the book to give me some feedback. And Noriko is, too, so I had to let her know. But I wanted to wait until I sent the publisher the draft to begin editing, which just happened last night at 11:59 pm. LOL I am so scared and nervous and happy and excited.


      3. I can imagine you’d be feeling all those things…Jay that is so fantastic. It’s your dream and it’s coming true! I’m so happy for you!

        You’ve worked so hard the past year for this, and you deserve it, so enjoy every second! (((HUGS)))


      4. Well….look at your blog. Prime example! I know you work hard at it everyday, but it really has paid off, you have a great following and it has grown sooo fast in a short time.

        Think what you can do with some good marketing behind you, too.


      5. It’s fine. You are a talented writer. I think its normal to worry about that.

        I think this is the 5th time I’ve rewritten the first chapter in my book, and when I read an earlier version, I just go ugh…that is sooo cheesy! lol I am getting better, I know that. Whether I’m at a place where I want to put my work out there, I have no idea.

        Positive thinking is key, Jay. You got this.


    1. Thanks Jessica. Seems I have the discipline with restrictive diets like that. If I’m allowed to have a little bit of something as a treat…forget it! LOL I have no self control. If I can’t have something at all, I don’t miss it (as much!)


      1. Oh I know what you mean. “I’ll have just one piece of chocolate froM the block.”
        Two minutes later scrunches up empty wrapper and stuffs it at the bottom of the trash can


  1. Congrats on this award too! That’s so awesome that you’ve written novels! What are they about? I love art! And your painting is impressive! I wish I could be artistic like that! Good choice with purple (my fav color) LOL real/turquoise are nice too!


    1. Thanks Brittany! 🙂 I participate in Nanowrimo each November for the past couple of years. You basically write a novel (i.e. 50,000 words) in a month. For me it worked as an incentive to get my ideas on paper. It’s done in such a rush, that it needs heavy editing, but it’s fun. There’s great community support, too and depending on where you live, they might have write-ins at someplace local.

      Glad you like my painting! It’s one of my older watercolours. I’m going to try to get my newer acrylics posted on the weekend. Of course, they have my favourite colours! 😉


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