Summer Vacay and Glad to Be Back!

I’m back!  

At the beach!

I was on a camping vacation with the fam for the past week and it was awesome!  We went non-stop and had an amazing time.

How did it feel to sleep in my own bed last night?  Better than awesome!  There are no words!  It feels so good to be home!

We went to beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Natural beauty, beaches, theme parks.  Everything one could want in a vacation! 

My oldest son had to work so he couldn’t make it, but my 13 year old brought his best buddy along.

Lots of farmland on Prince Edward Island!

So, one of the things this campsite advertised was free wifi.  Good, I thought.  I can discretely keep up reading my favourite blogs and I can even post everyday!  Pictures, if nothing else!

Technically, there may have been wifi but did it work?  shakes head no

No wifi.  No reading my favourite blog posts.  No posting.  sigh

When you have lemons you make lemonade, isn’t that what they say?

I enjoyed the beaches.  I enjoyed the water park (I’m sure most of PEI heard me screaming going down the water slide), I relaxed by the campfire and I read books.  I also ate a ton of ice cream.  PEI is home to COW’S, the very best ice cream ever!

Aaand, I had another birthday.  Yep. I try to run away from my birthday every year but it always finds me!

The campground advertised a paint night which just happened to fall on the same day as my birthday, July 17th.  I thought, how serendipitous!  I love to paint!  And I really loved the painting that was going to be done that night.  

I was going to register for it before we left, but I hesitated.  I was worried about committing to something only to discover we were having fun somewhere else and have the boys be disappointed about leaving.

PEI Preserve Company Gardens

When we got to the campgrounds, and decided to actually commit to going to the paint night, I had to go online to book.  No internet.  Ugh! 


The office said we could use one of the two computers they had set up for public use.  I looked where they had pointed to see a huge “OUT OF ORDER” sign on one.  Not a good omen, I thought. I sat down at the one that was supposed to be working.  No internet.  No luck!

Drinking tea at the PEI Preserve Company

The morning of my birthday, my husband and the boys took me out to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company for a birthday breakfast.  A definite treat!

We had an delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, the boys had lemon raspberry tea served in fancy teapots.  I stuck with my usual coffee, which was delicious, by the way!  The grounds were exquisite, the gardens phenomenal.

Not only that, they had free wifi.  Paint night…booked!

Paint night with hubby!

I plan on catching up on my blog reading and posting this week!  Aaand on another note, I’ve started the Atkins diet so my clothes will fit me again after all that ice cream.  Wish me luck!

Have you taken a vacation this summer?  What’s your favourite thing to do?


34 Replies to “Summer Vacay and Glad to Be Back!”

  1. Happy birthday! Glad you had a nice time with the fam. It is always good to get away– and come home. : ) Look forward to new posts!


    1. Yes, there’s a benefit to no wifi, Jessica! I was wishing I prepared a bit better and had some prescheduled posts ready to go but in hindsight, I really was too busy packing! I did the best I could 🙂
      Thanks re the paintings! We had so much fun and we had a great teacher, too 🙂


  2. Welcome back!

    Sounds like you had a blast, besides not having wifi! LOL PEI looks gorgeous.

    I haven’t been anywhere really, this summer, but staycations are in order. 🙂 We usually go camping (we tow our camper) as well, but nothing beats staying in your own bed, like you said.


  3. So glad you had a wonderful time! Anne of Green Gables PEI…I’m jealous, lol! Happy belated birthday You’re vacation looks like so much fun! I love the tea! You’re son looks so happy The paintings are fantastic!! I’m sure you feel refreshed now!


    1. Oh, if you love Anne of Green Gables you’d love PEI! We saw LM Montgomery’s birthplace and her grave site, her schoolhouse where she taught. The whole island is just so quaint! And honestly, my husband and I were joking that almost everywhere we went, we saw people who looked like Anne lol.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! We had a great time. I do feel like I need a vacation from vacation. I know you get that! lol I’m pretty slow moving the last couple of days!


      1. That’s so funny! Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit!

        Oh yes, I certainty felt like I needed a vacation from my beach vacation. I still feel like I need a vacation.


      2. You would love it there, Stephanie…I’ll post some more pictures later 🙂

        You’ve been through a lot, try to be patient and get lots of rest. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that!

        Is your energy level getting any better?


      3. I can’t wait to see them 🙂 PEI will go on my Bucket List 🙂

        True, I have! It’s hard to be patient with summer almost over, but that is all I can do. I’m trying to rest as much as I can but not sleeping well, so that kinda defeats things…which is why it’s 3;15 am and I’m awake. If I could sleep better, I would feel better. My energy comes and goes in spurts. I’m just so fatigued that I get exhausted and that makes me have zero energy. Then one day I have a burst of energy and zip around cleaning the house top to bottom…and I mean crawling around cleaning floors on my hands and knees, then the next day I can’t get out of bed. And I know that will happen but I want to prove to myself (or maybe everyone else) that I can do some things like I used to! Idk. I’m a glutton. Then my anxiety goes through the roof. I’m going insane now thinking I’m dying, but that is a whole other story, but I’m having panic attacks and then my anxiety is so bad over it that it is all I can think about…and I can’t stay off DR Google, so I am pretty sure we found my sleeping issue right there, lol. I’m such a mess. 🙂 At least I can laugh at myself!


      4. You sound so much like me…ugh! It’s crazy what we do to ourselves! I am so bad for overdoing it on a good day and then paying for it later. And yes, the anxiety and aches and pains too.

        Dr Google is the worst! LOL

        I hope you are feeling better soon…(((HUGS))) ❤ Have a little nap and take things easy, maybe some meditation? 🙂

        I’ll be chillin’ today. Nothing needs to get done except some laundry, I can handle that. Think I’m going to do the What are You Reading tag that you tagged me I don’t know how long ago!


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