Daily Walk July 14, 2017 and Mystery Plants!

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Daily Walk


Burger and I went on a different route today!  We usually reserve this area for when its raining.  And, even though it wasn’t raining today, I felt like I needed a more intense walk than I get at the dog park.  So, off we go!

The trails here are beautiful, and follow a pretty stream for pretty much the entire 3km trail.


Trees form a huge umbrella over the trail for the whole route which is why its so great when there is rain.  It’s more protected than the open field at the dog park.

The only disadvantage here is that Burger has to be on leash the entire time.



He’d much rather run and tear and just be a goofy puppy!






Not sure what kind of fungus this is!  Looks like a monster with really bad oral hygiene.  I’ve never seen anything like this before, have you?

I’ve tried doing a little bit of research to identify these little berries, but I came up empty handed.  They look like raspberries, but the plants are so tiny and low to the ground, the leaves don’t look like raspberry leaves either.

These are wild blueberries that are due to ripen around the end of July or early August.  If you’d like to see them when they were flowers, you can see that post here.

This beauty was on the screen of my gazebo when I got home! I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure it’s a One-Eyed Sphinx.

I love seeing photos and glimpses into the lives of other blogs, and these are a few that I’ve come across and I thought I’d share for others to enjoy as well

My Window Miriam shares photos and a poem during her morning retreat.

Invisible No More Not a walk, but gorgeous photos of step by step apple pie.

Growing Self Roda’s photos: Nature’s collage.

27 Replies to “Daily Walk July 14, 2017 and Mystery Plants!”

      1. I’ve been on vacation…no writing has been happening LOL Have you been getting much writing in?

        I can’t even post on my blog because the wifi has been awful! Sheer luck I got on now!


  1. I couldn’t tell how thorny those were but the berries look a lot like dewberries. My daughter and I are still talking about picking a bunch I make a pie, but we only leave the forest with a handful of them (and dark purple mouths and hands because we ate all the ones we should have saved for pie!). 😉


      1. But make sure before you eat them! I don’t want to read in the news about the blogger who died from nightshade berry poisoning after another blogger said how they looked like dewberries! Lol 😉


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