Daily Walk July 6, 2017 and SORRY!!

Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk

So, not long after I posted this Daily Walk on Friday, and notified the lovely blogs below that I featured their photos, I realized there was something very wrong with my blog.

If you had tried to visit you would have seen the title of the post and the featured image.  Nothing else.  No other posts, no sidebar, no comments. SORRY IF YOU CAME BY AND THERE WAS NOTHING HERE TO SEE!

It took me Friday night and most of Saturday, but it was apparently one of those Plug-in conflicts.  Right out of the blue, too.  I had take this post down as part of my troubleshooting. I hadn’t added anything new or changed anything here on the blog, but I finally figured it out with help from my host server!

To all those blogs that I posted links to below, sorry for tagging you and leaving you hanging!  

So without further ado, here’s the post that was supposed to be here on Friday!

Forget Me Nots by the stream
Forget Me Nots by the stream

These pretty Forget Me Nots by the stream caught my eye today.  


We have to cross over the stream to get to the trail in the woods.  There hasn’t been much rain lately, so it’s been no problem getting across today, but sometimes it can be deep and treacherous.  I’ve only fallen in once, so far.

If I hesitate jumping across at all, Burger goes crazy, jumping and barking.  I think he’s trying to teach me how to do it! LOL It’s easy for him, he just walks right through the water!

Multiflora Rose
Multiflora Rose


This one is for Nel at Reactionary Tales.  Nel was kind enough to inform me that these pretty flowers are an invasive weed.  They are growing in my garden and now I know I have to get rid of them!

These pink ones are growing like crazy on the back trails and I thought I’d share them.


Who doesn’t love waterlilies?

I love this little patch of waterlilies!  They had flowers but the were broken off before they had a chance to bloom.  Not sure what happened there!  

I wish I could capture in a photo the way the sun dazzles off the water.  It’s so pretty and peaceful here!




I love seeing photos that other wonderful bloggers share! I welcome anyone who has photos of their own to put their links here so I can check them out.  

I’d thought it would be nice to share some wonderful blog photos that I’ve come across!

Courageous Living Journey  Photos of the hidden backyard of Croatia.  These photos are absolutely stunning and definitely worth having a look at!

Diary of a Bookfiend Look at Noriko’s gorgeous hydrangea photos!

Moohnshine’s Corner Patty’s walk while visiting family in Ohio…Beautiful!

Safira’s Journey Have a look at Safira’s bright, happy, colourful photos from her graduation.

Be Gentle. Be Beautiful Lainey’s hilarious and touching photos from her vacation.

Growing Self Roda posts the most beautiful photos, whether of her garden, her farm or around Michigan.  Have a look at her timber bridge post!

This Is My Truth Now Jay’s gorgeous terrace garden, with beautiful flowers and Cypress trees.  Love it!

17 Replies to “Daily Walk July 6, 2017 and SORRY!!”

  1. Thank you for the link, Jo-Ann! Your pics are gorgeous, too! They are always soothing to look at. Really a breath of fresh air 🙂


  2. Wow, sorry to here about your blogging problem. I did come by three or four times to leave my Weekly Walk link, but I was thinking that it was just my Kindle acting up. Glad to hear it is fixed. This is the kind of thing that scares me about taking the plunge into self hosting.

    I love creeks and streams. I could set up a lounge chair and sit there all day. Ha ha. It is a shame the waterlilies were broken off. Is there any type of wildlife that eat them? I am going to try and take a proper walk this week. I think my sister and I are going to the park on my side of town. 🙂

    Here is my last Friday’s walk post. http://lalatoadstone.blogspot.com/2017/07/weekly-walk-3.html#more


    1. So sorry you dropped by and there was no one at home! Self hosting has its pros, but when stuff like than happens its a real pain in the you know what!

      I’m looking forward to seeing your walk in the park pictures 🙂 Have a great week!


    1. You are very welcome, Jay! You have such a lovely garden, and I love when people share pictures of their life!

      The blog…yep, I was in a bit of a state lol. It was incredibly frustrating. Even when I figured out that it was the Ultimate Social Media Plugin causing the conflict, it wouldn’t let me delete it. My son who is 13, and is more comfortable with this stuff, went into the code on my hosting site and took it off for me.


  3. What a lovely walk you had. And such pretty flowers.

    I tried to visit several times and figured you were having technical difficulties. Glad it’s all fixed and you’re up and running again:)


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