Happy Independence Day and Camp Nano Update

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!

I think this is one of the first years in a long time that we won’t be in the U.S. for Independence Day!  I’m disappointed that we won’t be making it down this year.  

Camping in Old Orchard Beach, Maine has always been our perfect way to kick of summer vacation.  Maybe next year!


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who voted in my plea for help on what to write for Camp Nano!  It was a hard decision for me…I mean, both these stories are my babies!

The winner is The Dragon Prophecy!  I was secretly so happy when I saw the votes for this one.  The Arsonist will be close behind, though.

I have 3 hours into The Dragon Prophecy so far!  My goal is 40 hours for the month of July. 

Are you doing Camp Nano?  Let me know how you are doing in the comments.  If you’d like to add me as a writing buddy, I’m Jo Crow.

So there you have it!  Enjoy your day!

Now to get some writing in for my Camp Nano project!



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