Help! Which Novel Should I Work On?

Camp Nanowrimo is write around the corner.  (See what I did there? wink)

For those unfamiliar with Nanowrimo, it is the shortened form of National Novel Writing Month.  It takes place in November, the idea is to write a novel in a month.

Millions of people around the globe participate, and there is fantastic support in forums at, but also in the form of local writers groups!

This is where I have met some of my amazing writer friends. They have been so supportive, offering opinions, reads, help for getting published and friendship.

I’m about to embark on a revision of one of my past novels.  That’s where Camp Nanowrimo comes in.

Camp Nanowrimo is  a virtual writing retreat, designed to provide the community, resources and tools needed to complete any writing project, novel or not.

Twice a year, once in April and again in July, writers gather together to start a new project or work on a project already in the works.  You can define your goals by number of words you plan to write or by hours.

Since I plan to revise a novel I had already written, I chose to set my goal in hours.  I chose 30 hours (the minimum) just because I’m not sure how this will go. This is my first time committing to a project in the summer, and we have camping and vacations thrown in this month.  Thirty hours seems doable.  An hour a day doesn’t seem too bad!

So here’s my conundrum.  I have several novels in various stages of revision.  I have it down to two I’d like to work on.

Can you help me decide?  Which book would trigger you to pick up?

The Dragon Prophecy

Teenage boys, Jake and Finn are being attacked by Shadow People, accidental victims of dark magic that stems from the days before King Arthur. Help comes in the form of a half-human fairy and a sketchy druid, Merlin.

They find themselves in the distant past, when dragons and sorcery existed and the Fae demanded their due.  They are caught in a deadly power struggle with potential dire consequences to history and life as they now know it.  Can they stop the dark magic without knowing who they can trust?  Can Jake save Finn and return to their own time?

The Arsonist

A murder mystery.

The tight knit community of Sydney had nothing but bad memories for Jessica.  She had left after high school and swore she’d never return.

Against her better judgement, Jessica returns to her hometown to take care of her ailing mother, bringing her husband and daughter with her.

After all these years, the dark cloud of suspicion still hangs over her.  She had been cleared in the arson that caused the death of her former friend.  

But, since her return, several fires have raged in the community.  The blame falls on Jessica.  Will she be able to catch a killer and set  the recored straight?  



What novel appeals to you the most?
The Dragon Prophecy
The Arsonist

survey Maker


Vote above or comment below!  I’d love your feedback!! ❤


26 Replies to “Help! Which Novel Should I Work On?”

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve been working on a short story prequel to the arsonist. It is so close to being done. I was hoping to have it finished before CampNano started but I’ve been like a flea on a hot shovel. I’m all over the place. We are going camping for the Canada day weekend, so trying to get the trailer ready, food ready, clothes…remember that character Pigpen in Charlie Brown? That’s my brain! LOL


      1. That’s fantastic you’re almost done even if you aren’t, lol!! It would take me forever to write something. I’d be the equivalent to George R. R. Martin in how long it would take me to write a prologue, lol. I’m a constant rewriter and editor, so it takes 40 drafts haha.
        That sounds a fun weekend! I do remember Pigpen… My brain is often like that too when I get into a tizzy!


      2. Uh, yeah…actually I can totally relate to this. I’m going to do my best though! Wish me luck. And Good Luck to you tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you! Let me know how you made out when you are up to it 🙂


      3. Wishing you all the luck!! Thanks for thinking about me tomorrow! Since the procedure is late in the day 1:30, then probably not really until 2:30 till they actually get started after IVs, prep, etc, I doubt I’ll be done till after 3 then home around 4-430 depending on how quickly I wake up from anesthesia and recover. Usually, I do super fast, so keeping fingers crossed! If I’m not up to getting on WP, I may send you a DM on Twitter if you will get it?


  1. I voted arsonist. I’m not a huge fantasy guy. Although I started watching game of thrones tonight. Is that fantasy? Maybe it will change my mind. I digress. Point being…

    What if you combined them? And the character who sets the fires does it when she transforms into a dragon. And she transforms only under certain conditions due to whatever is causing your current antagonist to set the fires. And the shadow people are after him or her because of some special power. But she had to save her ailing mother before she can solve her own issues.

    I will stop now. Just shows that I’m into both stories. Ok. Bedtime now. Lol


  2. I voted for The Dragon Prophecy which I see is winning! yay to fantasy!!! here I’m making the last preps to start the Camp! Reading my manuscript ONE last time., to make a list of the last scenes I need to write and then lock it away until the end of july. Hopefully I’ll be in editland in August ! Are you ready?? Good luck Jo- Ann !!


  3. Oh it’s so great you’re doing Camp NaNo, best of luck 🙂 I voted for The Dragon Prophecy, it sounds so, so good, but the choice was hard to make! 🙂


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