Daily Walk Lilies and Poppies June 28, 2017

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Daily Walk

It was a rainy day today when Burger and I set out on our daily walk.  My son is done in school for the year so I dragged him out, too.  Notice I say, dragged!

Since it was raining, we went on a different walk today.  Its a trail in the woods, and not as wide open, as the dog park.  There’s  lots of trees to umbrella the rain for us.  It was pretty in the woods but I felt strangely uninspired to take pictures.

That being said, I thought I’d share some pictures from a sunnier day!  I’m excited that my garden is blooming nicely.  

I thought I lost my lilies for the longest time.  The were being eaten by red beetles!  I picked them off every time I would see them and they are finally starting to come back!  Lots of blooms to open on this one 🙂

PoppyI’ve been trying for years to grow poppies and every year, something would happen to the plant and it would just die!

I love these gorgeous red blooms!  They didn’t fare out too well in the rain today but I took lots of pictures yesterday.  I can’t wait to do a painting of these beauties 🙂

I’m going to get caught up on a few things today and get some writing in.  

What are you up to today?  Let me know in the comments below.

24 Replies to “Daily Walk Lilies and Poppies June 28, 2017”

  1. Haha, I love how you dragged your son for a walk!! I’d have to do the same thing!! The poppies are gorgeous. I love poppies. They make me think of the Wizard of Oz, lol!


      1. That’s like my middle son…he’s great to talk to! Well, they both are! It’s just getting them to find the time now they are getting older. But, I so enjoy it! Worth it, as you said!

        Lol!! Yes, so don’t fall asleep in your poppy bed!


      2. Yep, I love those moments of conversation, even if they are few and far between!

        I don’t think I have enough poppies to worry about it just yet 😉 Maybe next year…I’ll borrow your hammock!


  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! We have some really dark red lilies in our yard and some other flowers I dont know what they are yet.
    I worked today. The usual grind, haha. One more day though and then 4 day weekend for the holiday! Yipee!


    1. Thank you Nel! You’ll have to share your dark red lilies, I bet they’re stunning!

      4 day weekend sounds lovely! Enjoy! We are usually in Maine for July 4, but not this year 😦 It’s a 3 day weekend here for Canada day on July 1st 🙂 We’re looking forward to that.


      1. Awesome! I have no idea how old America is without looking it up. I probably should but I don’t. I look forward to all the BBQ that day. That’s about it, hahaha. I’m terrible.


    1. Thanks Greg! We have a fantastic dog park, that’s where I do the majority of my walking. We also have beautiful woodland trail. Considering I’m in the middle of a small city, we are very blessed to have these 🙂


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