Book Review Forced Vengeance by Hal Archer

Hal Archer really got into his groove with this one.  Forced Vengeance is the second in the series of Jake Mudd adventures.  Jake arrives on the space station Eon, a sketchy place described as a sprawling cesspool in space. Its the most likely place he would be able to get his hands on a black market licence.

Unfortunately, Eon has changed since he was last there, and things prove very difficult for Jake to get his hands on what he needs.

His past enemies come to haunt him, and there is no one he can trust.  After being accused of murders he did not commit, he ends up in a fight for his life.

He finds help in a fresh and clever character named Tiffin.  She’s young, she can build almost anything and she dreams of one day leaving Eon.  Jake is her only hope.

The story moves quickly and keeps you reading.  Point of views switch back and forth from Jake to Tiffin.  I really enjoyed this story.  Its faster paced than the first book in the series, Deadly Cargo and I enjoyed the characters as well.  We got a hint of insight into Jake’s own past and his former love, Sarah.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Here’s the Goodreads blurb:


Jake’s days of operating under the radar are over. Old enemies are now intent on making his living as much a struggle for survival as for credits.

To secure a new black market license, he travels the backwaters of the galaxy to a sprawling cesspool in space, a city of dead ends and lost hopes.

Staying alive becomes a full-time job, and Jake is blindsided when he’s framed for murders he didn’t commit.

Proving his innocence and surviving become one and the same as he is forced into trial by combat against some of the worst criminals the galaxy has to offer.

But he’s facing more than the fight for his life, when he learns his enemies are targeting Sarah. Time is running out for Jake to save himself, clear his name, and reunite with his beloved ship before she’s taken for good.

He didn’t want to play dirty, but they left him no choice.



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