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Daily Walk
Daily Walk

Dog Party

Do you remember that Dr Seuss book Go Dog Go?  

I loved reading that to my kids when they were younger and they loved it too.

When we were at the dog park today, I couldn’t help thinking of that book.

It’s a Dog Party!  A Big Dog Party!

Go Dog Go
From the book Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman


Across the field and down the path, we checked on the waterlilies. Just about ready to flower.



Irises in my garden
Shade Garden


I’m finally starting to see some colour in my garden!

I love these irises.

Not much colour in the garden below but lots of rich greens.  There are three different types of Hosta, Jacob’s Tears and Yew.


6 Replies to “Join me on Daily Walk! Add your link :)”

  1. You’re garden is awesome! I need to work to that! I’ll have a post to link you to by Friday. It’s in the process of being edited 😀


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