Blueberries, Ducklings and Waterlilies: Daily Walk June 19

The day is starting out warm, with a soft, rustling breeze.  A perfect morning for the dog park.   There’s not a soul around.  Just Burger and myself.  Perfect for walking and thinking.  I have a smile on my face.

Dog Park
Love this dog park!

As we make our way through the woods, we find tons of blueberry bushes covered with flowers.  They should be ready to pick by late July or early August.

They are wild blueberries, smaller than the large highbush style you would find in a grocery store.  They are small but delicious!

Blueberry flowers
Blueberry bushes

This is the best picture I could get of this little family of ducks.  A mother with nine ducklings. So cute!

Mother duck and her ducklings

Last but not least, the waterlilies are starting to blossom!  So pretty.  I love the reflections of the sky and the trees on the water.  I think I should do a painting of this!


I’ve visited a lot of bookish sites and I do enjoy reading the posts.  There are tons of amazing book review sites and writer sites.

Sometimes, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of the same thing, repeats of the same books from blog to blog, maybe slightly different reviews.

What I find refreshing is when I see a glimpse into the life of the writer/reviewer!  I love seeing their pets, or their garden, or the new kitchen they’ve renovated!

Especially if its from another part of the world that is wonderfully foreign. What might seem to be ‘same old, same old’ for one person is totally exotic and exciting for another!

So, I was thinking…(dangerous for me, really!) but I’d love to start a meme!  I’ll post my Daily Walk early, and anybody who wished to can link to it.  From there, I will visit all the sites who leave their link.

No commitment to post everyday.  La La in the Library wants to do a weekly post, for example.

What do you think?  Is this something you would be interested in participating in?  If so, how often?  Daily?  Weekly?  Randomly?


22 Replies to “Blueberries, Ducklings and Waterlilies: Daily Walk June 19”

  1. I love your idea! I’m like the complete opposite as my book reviews are few and far between but my life posts are constant so I would definitely be down for your weekly meme 😀
    I also want to say that I absolutely LOVE that your dog’s name is Burger!!! What a cutie pie!


  2. I love your daily walk posts and pictures! Burger is adorable 🙂 It just dawned on me that today is my dog Onyx’s 9th birthday I guess we need to party again tonight, lol!

    When I first started my blog, I didn’t plan on it being just book reviews but wanted it to be more personal as well…family stuff, posts about raising kids, balancing family life and work..oh, and going back to school too! And that’s how I had it set up originally, well for one day, then changed it because I didn’t think I’d have anything to talk about and was a little worried about writing personal discussion posts! That’s kinda why I started my Weekly Recap post, so I can get a little more personal and not just talk about books.

    So, if you start the weekly meme, I’d join! I think it would give me the balance I’m trying to find on my blog! ❤❤❤


      1. Oh! My dogs love doggie ice cream! And you can make it yourself. Pinterest has tons of recipes. I jusr saw the tag!! I’m going to spend forever trying to think of romances that made me cry, lol. I usually read about serial killers….


      2. Oh! Hahah! You could throw some of Dexter’s romances in there, I suppose!
        I’ll have to check out doggie ice cream! I had no idea that was a homemade thing. Burger would love that. He loves yogurt 🙂


      3. Oh yes, Dexter and Rita!! That romance ended horribly… I am sure I can think of something. I will just have to put my brain to it. I so rarely watch TV, lol. I’ll have to go back through my read books and see what sobbing romance jumps out at me because I am a huge, huge crier!! I still bawl like a baby if I see Titanic like you had on your post! ❤

        They do sell doggie ice cream in the grocery store with people ice cream, but it is easy to make. And cheaper! My dogs love yogurt too and cottage cheese, lol!


      4. Oh yes! My older girl turned 14 back in April, and we have to help her get up and around since she has hip dysplasia, and I have started sleeping with her at night in the living room so she doesn’t have to climb any steps at night if she needs to go to the bathroom and will until it is her time. She’s been my baby since she was 5 weeks old, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her 🙂 I feel the same about Onyx, but oh my, he is an 80 lb lab mix compared to Branna being a 55 lb Irish Setter mix, lol! I would throw my back out if had to carry him anywhere, hahaha! We have a sassy kitty too that I adore, but she is crazy, lol! My daughter wants a kitten for her birthday, and I’m crazy since I am seriously considering it! 😉 Love them like our kids though!!!


      5. 14! Wow! You are so good to her. I’m sure that gives her so much comfort having you there.
        I love cats, too. We have a black cat named Jag. he’s a big sookie baby 🙂
        A kitten would be so sweet! and great company for your sassy kitty 🙂


      6. Oh, I adore her ❤❤❤ And she is just a big baby. Before she had mobility issues, she went everywhere with me, slept beside me in the bed, and she still lies down on the couch with me with her head in my lap. She’s an angel although we all can see she’s getting to the point where she’s not going to be around too much longer She’s enjoyed the sand and sea this week, a place she used to run and jump in the waves for years and has brightened just a little, but you can tell the pain is starting to get to her. I’m certain I’ll have to make a decision soon but certain she’ll tell me too.

        Oh, I love cats too. Chloe is such a brat though lol. I love her dearly but oh my! I’m hoping if we do get a kitten she will be less crazy


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