My 500 Words 31-Day Challenge

500 Words and Who Started It

Today is my first day doing the five hundred word challenge.   I stumbled across this challenge when I was hunting for information on blogging and how to improve your blog on Jeff Goins site.  He is a fantastic resource for information on writing, blogging and marketing, by the way.  Check him out!

Today was an incredibly busy day juggling multiple appointments, an airport run, feeding the kids, walking the dog, blah, blah, blah.  I didn’t have time for any yoga, I missed my usual morning walk (Burger gave me the big puppy dog eyes when I went out the door without him).  No breakfast with coffee or perusing my email with a little writing on the side.

Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation

This evening, I attended a workshop held by the Nova Scotia Writers Federation called “So You Want to be Published“.  Everything I have right now is a work in progress and far from ready to be published.  A girl can dream though, right?

One of the points made this evening was “Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work.”  I found a reference to it in this article.  It was based on an interview with painter Chuck Close, who says he’s never had “painter’s block” in his life. The “just show up and get to work” motto is a great creed to live by, especially if you want to be prolific and creative.

True.  Just sit down and do the work.

As Picasso said:

Inspiration exists.  It just has to find you working.







So, here I sit, 10:30 at night, working.  I should be winding down for bed.  But, I am committed and I will do this.

A dear friend sent me this, to inspire me to get my butt in gear and get writing.  I love Stephen King’s work.  He’s an amazing writer and incredibly prolific.


He writes two thousand words a day.  Two thousand!  Holy crap.   I have participated in NaNoWrimo for the last three years running, and each time was a struggle to get the time (and energy!) to get my word count in.  If  you’ve never heard of Nanowrimo, it is also known as National Novel Writing Month.  Writers from all over the world participate by committing to
write 50,000 words during the month of November.  This is the amount of words in the average novel.  This amounts to 1,667 words per day in order to meet this goal.  Imagine writing 2,000 words every day.  Amazing.

Well, if he can do 2,000, surely I can five hundred right?

That’s the plan.  Wish me luck.  🙂  Thank you.

After my crazy day, and missing out on my walk this morning, I came home from the workshop and as tired as I was, I knew I would feel so much better if I got a good walk in.  I knew Burger would enjoy it too.

I walked in the door, swapped my kick ass boots for my bright, blue rubber boots, threw on a raincoat and clicked the leash on Burger.  Out we went into the wet, dripping night.  It was a nice rain, not too cold.  Burger walked happily beside me, he didn’t even pull once.

We pulled around a corner that I always felt was a bit creepy.  The streetlight stretched the shadows of the large chestnut trees that lined the sidewalks.  I glanced over my shoulder, sensing that something just wasn’t right when above my the streetlight began flickering.  It finally went out, leaving us in darkness.  The street was deserted, no cars came or went, nor was there anybody out on this rainy, drizzly night.

The streetlight ahead of us, down about four houses was still lit, and we quickened our pace to go back into the light.

So, as I’m walking I’m thinking…that would make a great story idea, right?  So, I started with this…

Lucy was glad for the company, but worried what the younger girl would think if it happened again tonight.

“You didn’t have to walk me home, Jen.”

“I wanted to, I don’t like it when you’re scared.”

“I’m not scared.”

“It’s dark though.  Aren’t you even a little bit?”

I didn’t answer.

We walked in silence for a bit.  Long shadows of  trees were stretched around us.  The streetlight hummed over our heads.  I eyed it, licking my lips. I could feel my pulse speeding up.  I wiped  my hands on my jeans.


Maybe tonight it wouldn’t happen.  Maybe tonight it will be alright.  I looked down at Jen.  A small smile escaped my lips.  Maybe she’s me good luck charm.

I was mistaken.  The streetlight flickered and Jen’s eyes went wide.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

“Hurry.  We have to go.”

She stopped.  “Why?”

She’s oblivious, I thought.

“Because we have to.”  I didn’t have to look up at the light to know it was flickering faster now.  “It’s coming.”

I pulled her arm and began dragging her down the sidewalk.  Her feet moved like stuck cement blocks.

“What’s coming?” she persisted.

The light went out then, and blackness settled around us.

“The Dark,” I said, proud that I was able to keep my voice steady in spite of myself.    “The Dark is coming.  Run!”



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