We are Never Getting a Dog.


From the time my youngest son Ethan learned to speak, he has wanted a dog.  He’s always loved our cats.  But, he argued, cats don’t play with you the same way that a dog does.

Excerpts of conversations over the years:

“Mom, can we get a dog?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Mom. Why can’t we have a dog?”


“Mom, I need a dog.”

“No, Ethan.  You don’t need a dog.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. I have friends who have dogs.  The way I saw it, life with a dog might be great for some people, but hey, I was not going to be fooled by the charm of these sweet, furry creatures.  They’re a lot of work!  The frequent walks, poop cleanup,  the fur ball tumbleweeds rolling across the floor.

I’m a cat person.

I was always a cat person.  Litter duty and food duty, that’s about it.  They don’t even need to be bathed.  They take care of that themselves.

Our cat Jag is an absolute sookie baby. He’s adorable and he loves to snuggle.  He can be a bit skittish at times, and he has his independent moments, but that’s okay!

“How do you think poor Jag would feel about having a dog in the house?  It wouldn’t be fair to him.  He’d be scared to death.”

That did nothing to deter Ethan.

It was the beginning of March, 2016.  Ethan’s birthday was coming up.

Jag the Cat Photo credit Ethan MacDonald

“What do you want for your birthday, Ethan?”
“A dog.”

“We’ve already discussed this.  We’re not getting a dog.”

“Then I don’t want anything.”


He put up some pretty good arguments, I have to admit.  One being that there were almost no kids in the area for him to play with.  He wanted to get outside, run around and get exercise.  That way, he wouldn’t be staying inside on the computer or playing video games.  He would be out with his dog.  All the time.  It’s hard to argue with that logic.

Of course, there were the promises, too.  Walk him everyday.  Feed him.  And yes, even clean up his poop.

You can see where this is going, right?

It took a month to find him, but on March 31, the day before Ethan’s twelfth birthday, we brought Burger home from the SPCA.

We couldn’t imagine life without this adorable pup now!


Wait!  What about the cat?

So, things were a little tense for about a week.  Jag was not one little bit happy with this large, goofy intruder in his home.

We managed to come to a compromise, though.  Burger stays downstairs.  He has the run of the main floor (minus the sofas).  He does not go upstairs.  He doesn’t even try!  He’s an amazing, well behaved dog and we feel so lucky to have him with us.

Jag stays upstairs when he needs peace and quiet but he’s quite content to come downstairs, too.  Unlike Burger, he is allowed on the sofas and is quite happy to give him his na-na-na-na-na look when he’s sitting up on his perch.

What does Burger have to do with Creativity and Inspiration?

Well, it’s like this.  Not long after Burger came into our lives, depression and anxiety robbed me of my ability to enjoy life.  I actually hadn’t painted in years.  My attic studio might has well have been on Mount Everest as up two flights of stairs.  I couldn’t make it.  Even when I managed to muster myself up there, at the encouragement of my boys, I would spend a lot of time just staring at a blank canvas.

Writing also became almost impossible.  My ability to concentrate and focus were affected.  It was even difficult to carry on a conversation.  I could not remember what I was doing from one task to the next.

Then comes Burger.  And walks.  And dogs parks.

It’s a ritual for us now.  I drop Ethan off at school then Burger and I make our way to the park.  I’ve increased my walk from 10-15 minutes per day to 35 minutes.  It’s awesome for both of us.

Walking gets me out and feeling better than I have felt in a long time.  And with the arrival of spring, I’ve been inspired to do some art work in my studio.

From my Studio

Here’s an acrylic painting I’ve been working on.  It’s been through several layers of colours and shapes and I think I’m finally happy with it.  It’s called Three Wishes.


Today was a gorgeous day, it’s finally starting to warm up on the East coast.  Here’s some pictures I took on my walk with Burger this morning.

Little signs of hope.  The warmth in the air, the blooming of pretty, colourful flowers is so refreshing.

Feeling so very thankful right now for all that is well with the world.

Pretty Mayflowers





Book Reviews


In my Kindle right now, I have two new Advanced Reader Copies that I can’t wait to start reading!

I will be reading The Council.  This is Book One of the Witch’s Ambitions Trilogy by Kayla Krantz.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Here’s some background

Genres: Epic Fantasy, New Adult, Romance

The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—by witches with varying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly develops telekinesis, an ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis, the Coven of the Mind. When The Council finds out about her odd development, she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth—everything she’s learned about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.


Also, right now I am reading Lady Blackwing by Devorah Fox.

Mercedes is just trying to make her way through life: taking classes, working her shift as a barista, and writing short stories that she never seems to finish. After a minor accident, she finds herself imbued with startling powers. She projects future events and rewrites the past, with disastrous consequences. Her first attempts to use her strange talents incite a zombie attack and bring an Egyptian goddess to life. Stunned by awesome abilities that she can’t seem to control, Mercedes wonders if she’s been cursed. Can she be cured? And if she can’t, what then?


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